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APS Policies

APS Policies Related to Classified Personnel

The Aurora Public Schools Policies and Regulations regarding Classified personnel are listed in Section G of the Policies and Regulations. The Policy related to the CEC is GDSA (reproduced below). The Regulation related to the CEC is GDSA-R (page 2 of GDSA). Click on the GDSA link to go to the Policy and Regulation.

AURORA PUBLIC SCHOOLS                    APS Code:  GDSA
Adopted January, 1978
Revised March, 1988
Recoded March, 1992

The Board of Education recognizes the Classified Employees Council as representing all classified non-supervisory employees of the District. The Council's responsibility is to make recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools regarding policies, regulations, salaries, benefits and working conditions that affect classified non-supervisory employees of the District. The Council shall be composed of classified, non-supervisory employees of the District elected by the group they represent. The Superintendent of Schools shall appoint an administrative representative(s) to meet with the Council.

Policies that may be of particular interest to Classified Employees include:

  • GBK - Classified Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances

  • GDBA - Support Staff Salary Schedules

  • GDCAA - Support Staff Health Leave Bank

  • GDD - Support Staff Vacations and Holidays

If you have questions or need more information about the Classified Employees Council, please email cec@aurorak12.org

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